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The rss.php script in phpicalendar has the ability to generate a variety of rss feeds. These are not always well-formed rss, since we aren't experts in rss calendar standards.


[edit] Types of feeds

The kind of feed is set by the $_GET variable rssview. Example:

gives a feed for all calendars combined for the current week

[edit] day, week, month, year

These values for rssview give a feed for a day, week, month, or year

[edit] daysto

rssview=daysto gives feeds that are some number of days before a particular date. This will give events 14 days before today

This will give events 20 days before April 15, 2006

If days is not specified, it just feeds for the current day or the day set by getdate

[edit] daysfrom

This works similarly to daysto, but it gives events after getdate

[edit] range

Gives events between two dates specified by from and to. If from is not set, getdate is used. If neither is set, rss.php uses today as the from date.

[edit] Parsing feeds

Any RSS parser can be used. Magpie is a useful free php-based package for parsing feeds.

[edit] Examples

Seminars in the Biochemistry Dept. at Texas A&M - the feed is parsed on the Dept. website