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[edit] Unable to open calendar.

If PHP iCalendar cannot open (or read) the calendar selected, this error will be given. It is typically caused by one of the following:

  • The calendar you are trying to open does not exist.
  • You do not have permission to read the calendar you are opening.

[edit] Unable to open the path: xxx

You'll see this if you've improperly set $calendar_path. The path needs to be set to the full file path (not the http path) of where you store your calendars. If your calendars are outside of your webservers root (as they are on Mac OS X) then be sure that your webserver has permission to read from that folder. Some common settings may be:

Linux: '/var/www/mysite/html/mycalendars/'

Mac OS X: '/Users/myuser/Librarys/calendars'

This Apple article shows another couple ways to get access to your calendar files under OS X.

[edit] Unable to write to cache directory. Please check your config.

If you are using caching to speed up the calendar display, make sure the folder set in the config is writable by your webserver. In most cases the temp or tmp folder is fine to use. If you can't, you can also create your own folder inside phpicalendar. Give the folder permissions to be writable (a+w). It is also ok to turn caching off.

[edit] This server blocks remote calendars which have not been approved.

The server admin may not allow the display of random webcals. If you are the admin and wish to allow this, please set $allow_webcals = 'yes' in your configuration.

[edit] You have tried to access a calendar that is restricted on this server.

The calendar you have tried to access is blacklisted by the admin. If you are the admin and wish to view this calendar, remove it from the $blacklisted_cals array in your configuration.

[edit] Invalid Calendar File

Before parsing a file, we check it's contents to verify it is a properly formated (according to RFC-2445) ical calendar file. If "BEGIN:VCALENDAR" is not found, we prompt this message.

[edit] The administration menu has been turned off

This occurs when a user tries to access the admin page but web-based administration has been turned off. If you want to turn it on, set $allow_admin to "yes" in