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[edit] Authors

This is a list of all people who have contributed their time to the PHP iCalendar project. Each section is sorted alphabetically. Thanks to all who are listed here.

Bug reports and questions about phpicalendar should not be emailed to individual authors. Please use the bug tracker, the bbs, or the mailing list.

[edit] Project admin / Lead developer

  • Chad Little (emeritus) <chad at chadsdomain dot com>
  • Jim Hu <jimhu at tamu dot edu>

[edit] Developers

  • Patrick Berry <pberry at mac dot com>
  • Bill Fenner <fenner at research dot att dot com>
  • Wesley Miaw <wesley at wesman dot net>
  • David Reindl <dre at andare dot ch>
  • Jared Wangen <xeo at silter dot org>

[edit] Code Contributions

  • Greg Westin <phpicalendar at gregwestin dot com>
  • Blaine Cook <lattice at resist dot ca>
  • Mike Traum <mtraum at yahoo dot com>