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[edit] Calendar Admin

PHP iCalendar does not create or edit calendars or events. The administration tool is a basic means to upload and delete calendars without using an ftp program. The admin menu can be found by pointing your web browser to the /admin/ folder inside your PHP iCalendar installation. By default it is on and set to FTP for use. Setting $allow_admin to 'no' will remove the /admin/ page from use.

There are 3 ways to access /admin/:

  • FTP (default)
  • Internal
  • None

[edit] FTP Access

You'll simply enter in your FTP username and password to gain access. It ignores any username and password in the config file.

[edit] Internal

Setting $auth_method to 'internal' allows you to give others access to your admin tool without giving up your FTP password. In this case you'll want to set the $auth_internal_username and $auth_internal_password in the config file.

[edit] None

Setting $auth_method to 'none' allows you to use /admin/ with no authentication. This is useful if you'd like to use Apache Basic Authentication or are in a secure enviroment.