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phpicalendar is an open source php application to parse and display shared icalendar-compatible calendars on a website. To see what this looks like, see the demo.

[edit] What it does

With the current version of phpicalendar, you can

  • View calendars by day, week, month, or year as a graphical output or a list
  • View different calendars (including remote web calendars) individually or in combinations
  • Display web calendars in many different languages
  • Display Google calendars
  • Provide links to subscribe to or download calendars
  • Search for events containing keywords
  • Generate a variety of rss feeds to provide events to other websites
  • Customize the appearance of your calendars
  • Host different calendar sets from a single installation

[edit] What it doesn't do

The version of phpicalendar supported by the developer team does not do any of the following...but others may be working on ways to make these things work

  • Allow you to add, delete, or edit events via the webpage
  • Publish or subscribe to calendars from calendar applications that are not icalendar-compatible (i.e. Microsoft Outlook)

There are also a variety of Hacks that can be used to change how phpicalendar performs.